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Difficult Issues for Parents
Parents have a difficult and delicate job in helping their children make the right decision about college. As a parent, you want the best for your children. But, parents should be careful to allow their children to take an active role in go through the recruiting and college evaluation process. This can be a tough transition for the parents, but it is necessary for the child’s growth and future success. The following are two simple guidelines that might make this transition a little easier to perform and a lot more rewarding.

Are you doing your best to separate your own aspirations from your childs?
First, parents must try to separate their own aspirations from those of their children. Obviously parents want their children to have access to all of the best opportunities available. This is the only way that the parent feels their children can be the best that they can be. But at the same time they need to let their children make some if not all of the crucial decisions about college. Parents have a responsibility to set examples for there children, supporting them, but not control them.

Do you let your children make their own decisions?
Even though your child is taking the first step from adolescence to adulthood, deep down they still desperately depend on the advice of their mothers and fathers. As parents, you have to understand the importance of allowing them to make their own decisions and to supporting them when they use poor judgment. Guiding their children through the recruiting and college admissions process is probably one of the most difficult challenges parents will face during these critical years of development.

The recruiting process can be a hectic, high stress event for both parents and the student-athlete. But the process can also be very rewarding and enjoyable. By following these two guidelines, parent can play an active role in the recruiting process, while relishing in the joy of watching their child take the first big step to adulthood.

Questions to ask the student-athlete before deciding on the college:

  • Have you done your best to contact and follow-up with as many colleges as possible?
  • Do you see yourself fitting into the athletic program? The college and campus life?
  • Are you comfortable with the coaching staff and advisors? Teammates?
  • Are you mentally prepared to handle both athletics and academics at the college level?
  • Did you have a chance to visit with faculty and staff on campus? Were you comfortable with the visit?
  • Have you met the academic requirements for admission?
  • Do you have all of the necessary application information?
  • Would you attend this college if they were not recruiting you?

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